Terrarium Care and Planting

Terrariums were invented to keep plants safe when they were transported on boats from the tropics back to Europe. Once their lid is closed they don’t let much in or out, so they keep the humidity and temperatures inside a lot more constant than outside.

Where to put your terrarium

Terrariums need light. It is best not to put them in direct sunlight, or they will get too hot and cook your plants, but they do need a nice bright windowsill or desk. You can put them under a grow lamp with a bulb designed for plants and then you don’t need natural light. For most plants room temperatures are fine, if you’re comfortable then they will be. Some specialist plants need a lot tighter control, have a look at our plant lists for some ideas.

Watering your terrarium

Different plants need different levels of watering, though there isn’t much water escaping from your terrarium. We have terrariums that have been closed for several years without any extra water at all. It is best to start with adding very little and then monitoring the plants to see how they do, you can’t really take water out, but it’s easy to add a bit with a spray bottle.

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